We appreciate your interest in Used ABS Module's goods and services. For any parts that are broken, faulty, or improperly sent, we provide a warranty. There is a "parts only" warranty option. Prior to completing your order or making a payment, please confirm the warranty duration with the sales representative or on the invoice. The guarantee duration varies from part to part, order to order, and location to location, and not all of the items we sell or trade are covered by it. Used ABS Module is not liable for the part's low mileage, performance, and wear and tear after it is given to the client if there is no mention of a warranty or if the sales representative provides no clear information.
We will try our best to replace any parts that are found to be flawed, inaccurate, or damaged; but, if a replacement is not possible, we will refund the full price charged. When a second order is placed before the first portion is returned, we will charge for the second part and issue a refund for the previous order.
Only once the purchased item has been returned will refunds be granted. The Used ABS Module will deduct shipping costs both ways from the refund if a component is returned and does not fit the standards as stated previously or returns a completely different item/product/auto part.
The parts sold by Used ABS Module do not have any additional fees after billing or labour costs. We closely adhere to the method throughout the entire order placement, packaging, shipment, and delivery processes. The customer will be notified of everything via the "Track ID." Items delivered to the address given at the time of purchase but not picked up by the buyer are not our responsibility.

Warranty Terms:
For Freight:
90 days warranty and an option to extension
90 days warranty and an option to extension

Not installation, but the date of purchase governs all warranties. Warranties are exclusive to the original purchaser and are not transferable. The original invoice must be included with any warranty claims.

Delivery Policy:

Every one of our shipments is carried out by trusted delivery partners. Delivery typically takes between 7 and 10 days after the order is placed for freight, and between 3 and 5 days for non-freight. The usual delivery times promised by our delivery partners are the foundation for all of our claims. Deliveries may be delayed to the next scheduled date or extended in exceptional or extraordinary situations with prior notice to the customer.

Other Terms and Conditions:

Unless otherwise stated, shipping and handling fees are not returnable.
The verification and acceptance of any returnable or replacement parts, items, or articles is required.

Under the warranty policy, labour costs are not covered.
Failure to pay or a bank-related technical issue do not hold the Used ABS Module accountable.

Return & Refund Policy:

The parts must be in their original packaging, undamaged, and sellable condition. A text message, letter, or phone call to the registered number must be used for all complaints.
We are not liable if any part or address is incorrect. Refunds are only processed after the order status has been resolved.
The aforementioned warranty terms only apply to tangible products bought from Used ABS Module and are only relevant to tangible goods. Under normal use and maintenance, Used ABS Module will replace items or parts of products that prove defective due to subpar material or workmanship, free of charge, during the warranty period. If you have any additional questions, call us at (800) 710-2877 or send an email toinfo@bestabsmodules.store.

Please refer to our Warranty Policy for more information on refunds.


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